Senuke Xcr Pro version 3.1.20 Cracked

SenukeXCr Version 3.1.20 Release, Released 8/15/2013

Ticket 2578 -
Toolbox settings can’t be saved in the template.
Ticket 2687 – User added
Drupal sites issue
Ticket 2663 – Add backup captcha service
Ticket 2704 -
Remove sites with Low SR issue
Ticket 2701 – Email handling doesnt pick up
all symbols in password
Ticket 2663 – Add backup captcha service
2699 – Link checker in toolbox removes all/good links when connection is
Ticket 2702 – Obfuscation issue with settings
Ticket 2682 – Some user
having problems using proxies with user and pass
Ticket 2714 – Toolobox issue
in Turbo Wizard

Fixed success rates for PDF, PR, Wiki and

Plus the usual site fixes/changes/additions

Based off changeset

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